Why is called Ram Ram?

Since our old times, when two people meet each other, they say 'Ram Ram' in respect of each other. Well nowadays people meet each other in English by saying hi and hello etc. Because of which the name of God is least taken from the people.

Have you ever thought that when people meet each other since old times, then why do they meet each other by saying "Ram Ram" and why do they also speak "Ram Ram" only twice?

Why not speak once or thrice?

There is a big secret behind saying "Ram Ram" twice because it has been going on since the beginning.

In Hindi vocabulary, 'R' is the twenty-seventh word, 'A' is second and 'M' is the twenty-fifth word. Now, if the sum of all the three digits is 27 + 2 + 25 = 54 i.e. the sum of one 'Ram' is 54, similarly the total of two 'Ram Ram' will be 108. When we do some chanting, we count 108 beads of beads.

Only by saying 'Ram Ram' is the whole garland chanted. It is also said in the Puranas that by chanting Rama's name in Kali-yuga, you will attain moksha. By saying this name twice, the whole rosary is recited. So leave hi and hello, say 'Ram Ram'.

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