Vasudevasutan Devam - Krishna Mantra

Vasudevasutan Devam - Krishna Mantra

Vasudēvasutaṁ dēvaṁ kansacāṇūramardanam.
Dēvakīparamānandaṁ kr̥ṣṇaṁ vandē jagadgurum.

Meaning : I worship Vasadevanandan Jagadguru Sri Krishna Chandra, the slayer of Kansa and Chanur, Anandavardhana of Devaki.

Word by Word Meaning:

Vasudēvasutaṁ - Vasudevasya Putram. To the son of Vasudeva
dēvaṁ - of God. That which is endowed with divine qualities is called Deva.
kansacāṇūramardanam - To the one who kills Kans and Chanur
Dēvakīparamānandaṁ - to the ultimate bliss of Devaki
kr̥ṣṇaṁ - of Krishna
vandē - Namami. I salute
jagadgurum - Vishwasya Gurum. To the master of the world

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