Importance of chanting mantras before having food

Mantras have their own special importance in Hindu religion, so different mantras have been mentioned for each work. So much so that mantras have been mentioned in the scriptures before taking food. Through Bhojan Mantra, we express our respect and thanks for the food given by them and wish that no one remains hungry in this world.

It is said that the character of a person becomes like the food he eats. That's why the mantra should be chanted before eating.

Reciting the mantra given in the article before meals makes the mind completely pure and calm. Due to the sacred energy generated by the mantra, digestive juices are produced properly in the body, which helps in proper digestion of food and also gives proper energy to the body.

The following mantras should be chanted before eating:

brahmārpaṇaṁ brahma havir brahmāgnau brahmaṇā hutam
brahmaiva tena gantavyaṁ brahma-karma-samādhinā || 24 ||

Meaning: For those who are completely absorbed in God-consciousness, Brahman is Brahman, the sacrificial fire to which the material is offered is Brahman, the act of offering itself is Brahman, and the fire of the sacrifice is also Brahman. Such persons, who see everything as God, easily attain it.

ōma sāhā navavatusāhanau bhunaktu.
Sēhavīryaṁ karavāvahatējasvināvadhitamastumā vidviṣā vahī ||
Ōma śāntī: Śāntī: Śāntī!

Meaning: O all-protecting God! Protect both of us (teacher and disciple) together. Take care of both of us together.

Ōma annapatēsnāsya nō dēhyanāmivasya śuṣmināḥ.
Privādaraṁ tāriśa urjjaṁ na dhēhi dvipadē catuṣpadē.
Ōma śāntī: Śāntī: Śāntī! - Yajurvēda 11.83

Meaning: O food, and the Lord provider of all food items, thank you for giving us food today. May this food be rotting and nutritious, and may it be good for my body, mind and soul, I pray! O giver and provider of food, may all living beings receive their daily sustenance! Peace be upon everyone, everywhere, at all times!

How many types of food are there according to Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of food – sattva, rajas and tamas – sattvikta, rajoguna or tamoguna food items.

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