Why is Shri Pawan's Putra Hanuman ji offered vermilion?

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Why is Shri Pawan's Putra Hanuman ji offered vermilion. We know the answer through a story of a wonderful Ramayana. Once Jagat Mata Janaki Sitaji was putting vermilion in her mang. At that time Hanuman ji came and seeing Sita ji putting vermilion on it, he said, "Mother! What is this red material that you are putting in the forehead? What happens with its application?

Hearing the question of Shree Hanuman ji, Sita ji remained silent for a moment and then said - this is vermilion.

Lord Shri Ramji has a long life by applying this, I will always be happy. After listening to God Shri Ram Chandra's long life and happiness by applying a pinch of vermilion, Shree Hanuman ji thought that when applying a little vermilion gives the Lord a long life, then why have I put vermilion in my entire body I am immortal and they did so. Putting vermilion in the whole body, he reached Ram ji's court and started saying to Lord Ram! Be happy Seeing Hanuman ji from vermillion, Shri Ram ji smiled and said - "Watts! What kind of situation have you come in? ” Then Hanuman ji told the whole story. Hearing the whole thing, Shri Ram ji was very happy and said - "Watts! My devotee is none other than you. He then granted immortality to Lord Hanuman. Since then Hanuman ji is offered vermilion.

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