Why is the kanyaadaan performed in marriage?

Daughters are bright in the parents' home. It is said that in a house where there are no daughters, there is a marriage or some Teej festival seems like some emptiness. Not every person is lucky enough to get the happiness of Kanyadaan because Kanyadaan has been considered very much virtuous in the scriptures. Kanyadaan means handing over the responsibility of the girl in deserving hands.

After Kanyadaan, at new home, the girl should not to the feel loneliness, she will get a lot of love and belonging. Lack of cooperation should not be experienced, it should be taken care of. With yellow turmeric of the girl's hand, the parents speak with determination in their hand, keeping the girl's hand, the money of the secret donation and the flower, and handing those hands to the groom's hands. He accepts this responsibility, holding these hands with sincerity and responsibility.

While handing over his daughter, groom as a daughter, his parents also entrust all their rights and responsibilities. The total gotra of Virgo will no longer be from the ancestral tradition, but according to the husband tradition. Give the power to the girl, the power to establish this emotional connection and accept it by the husband or follow the wife's religion. Sankalp of Kanyadaan is spoken with this feeling. Upon completion of the resolution, the resolver hands over the girl's hand to the groom, this tradition is called Kanyadaan.

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