Important information Related to Hinduism Worship

There are some rules related to worship in Hinduism. Which most people do not know and make errors in their worship, the results of which are opposite. Following are some such rules which should be followed -

  • Two Shivling, three Ganesha, two conch shells, two Surya idols, three Goddess idols, two Gomti-Chakra and two Shaligrams should not be worshiped in the puja room.
  • There should be an idol smaller than 9 inches (22 cm) in the house. A bigger statue than this is not auspicious in the house, it should be kept in the temple. If a statue bigger than 9 inches is installed in the house, then worship has to be done in Sutak also.
  • One should circumambulate the goddess once, seven times around the sun, three times for Ganesha, four times for Vishnu and half for Shiva.
  • While performing the aarti, one should perform aarti twelve times in front of Lord Vishnu, seven times before Surya, nine before Durga, eleven before Shankar and four times in front of Ganesha.
  • Do not just sit on the ground while worshiping. Make sure you have a seat. This should be done because, during worship, an energy is generated in our body which gets transferred to the ground.
  • The foundation stone should be laid in the fire direction first. Rest of the construction should be done in Pradakshina-order. Do not lay the foundation in the midday, midnight and evening hours. The igneous direction is called the center of east south. The planet Venus is considered to be the lord of this direction.
  • Low land in the east, north and north direction is very beneficial for everyone. In other directions, low land is harmful for everyone.
  • In the north of the house, the plank (Pakad), the banyan tree in the east, the Gular in the south and the Peepal tree in the west are auspicious. The shadow of the tree should not fall on the house.
  • Brick, iron, stone, clay and wood – these should be installed in new houses only. Putting the material of one house in another house is very harmful.
  • One should always keep head towards east or south direction while sleeping.
  • Go out for work every day by applying tilak and sandalwood on your forehead.
  • Having a temple in the house under the stairs, next to or above the toilet or bathroom and in the basement is not considered good for the prosperity and prosperity of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, even the pictures of the deities who have weapons in more than two hands should not be put.

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