Falgun Krishna (Vijaya) Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Falgun Krishna (Vijaya) Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Fast Story:

Dharmaraja Yudhishthir said - O Janardan! What is the name of Ekadashi of the Krishna Paksha of Falgun month and what is its method? Please tell me.

Shri Bhagavan said, O Rajan, the name of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Falgun month is Vijaya Ekadashi. Man gets victory due to the effect of his fast. This is the best fast of all fasts. All sins are eradicated by listening and reciting the greatness of this Vijaya Ekadashi. At one time, Devarshi Naradji said to the world father Brahma, Maharaj! Tell me Ekadashi Vidhan of the Krishna Paksha of Falgun month.

Brahma said that O Narada! The fast of Vijaya Ekadashi is going to destroy old and new sins. I have never told anyone the method of this Vijaya Ekadashi. It gives victory to all human beings. In the Treta Yuga, when Maryada Purushottam Shri Ramchandraji died in exile for fourteen years, then he started living in Panchvati including Shri Laxman and Sitaji. When the evil Ravana killed Sitaji there, then Mr. Ramachandraji and Lakshman were extremely disturbed by this news and went in search of Sitaji.

While wandering, he reached near the dying Jattayu, Jatayu went to heaven with a narration of Sitaji. He later befriended Sugriva and killed Bali. Hanumanji goes to Lanka to find Sitaji and describes the friendship of Sri Ramachandraji and Sugriva with him. After returning from there, Hanumanji came to Lord Rama and told all the news.

Sri Ramachandraji departed Lanka from the property of Sugriva along with the Vanar Sena. When Shri Ramchandraji reached the shore by the sea, he saw Lakshmanji looking at that deep sea with crocodiles, etc. and said that how will we cross this sea.

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