Ganga Sagar Snan 2025

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  • Ganga Sagar Snan 2025
  • Tuesday, 14 January 2025

Ganga Sagar Mela It is a religious ritual important for Hindus. Which is also known as Ganga Sagar Snan and Ganga Sagar Yatra. This fair is celebrated every year as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated every year on the banks of Sagar Island or Sagardwip in the state of West Bengal. This place where the Ganges merges into the ocean. This place holds a special place for Hindu pilgrims. Thousands of Hindu devotees gather at this place to take a holy dip in the Ganges river before it merges into the Bay of Bengal. During Ganga Sagar Snan, the largest fair is organized to bring devotees from every corner of the country. The Ganga Sagar Fair starts a few days ago and ends the day after Sankranti.

This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the culturally rich state of Bengal, Sanatan Dharma. Ganga Sagar bathing is done only during Makar Sankranti and falls on 14 January every year. On this day, devotees from different parts of the country and abroad come to take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. It is said that every person of Sanatan Dharma should bathe in the Ganges at this place once so that all his sins are destroyed, but on this day, the ritual bath is said to have special significance. Ganga Sagar Snan is celebrated with great pomp throughout the country. Festivities may vary from region to region, but the spirit of this festival remains unchanged.

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