Holi Besan sev

Holi Besan sev

Material :

250 gram gram flour
A teaspoon parsley
A teaspoon cumin seeds
Half teaspoon ground black pepper
4 to 5 ground cloves
1 pinch ground asafoetida
A spoonful of red chili powder
Salt to taste
Eatable soda

Method :

Sieve the gram flour in a vessel, then add oil salt, black pepper, red chili, ground cloves, cumin, parsley, and asafoetida to the gram flour and knead the gram flour softly with lukewarm water.
Keep the gram flour covered for 10 minutes.
Now heat oil by putting oil in a frying pan, then in a machine with sev namkeen, apply a mesh of sev namkeen as per your taste and fill the goose gram in the machine.
After that, by pressing the machine with salvage with hands, pour the gram flour from the mesh on top of the oil and roast it lightly and, after putting tissue paper in a plate, take out the saved gram flour from the saved oil in the plate.
Besan Sev Namkeen is ready, now eat it with tea.

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