Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 32

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Shlok 32

evaṁ bahu-vidhā yajñā vitatā brahmaṇo mukhe
karma-jān viddhi tān sarvān evaṁ jñātvā vimokṣhyase

 All these different kinds of sacrifice have been described in the Vedas. Know them as originating from different types of work; this understanding cuts the knots of material bondage.

Word by Word Meaning:

evam - thus
bahu-vidhāḥ - various kinds of
yajñāḥ - sacrifices
vitatāḥ - have been described
brahmaṇaḥ - of the Vedas
mukhe - through the mouth
karma-jān - originating from works
viddhi - know
tān - them
sarvān - all
evam - thus
jñātvā - having known
vimokṣhyase - you shall be liberated

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