Holi Mathri

Material :

Refined flour - 500 grams (5 cups)
Desi Ghee or refined oil - 125 grams (a little more than half a cup)
Cumin or parsley - a small spoon
Salt - a teaspoon or as per taste
Baking soda - 2 pinches (if you want)
Refined oil - for frying

Method :

Add flour, oil, salt and carom seeds to the flour and mix well, and with the help of water knead a hard dough. Keep the kneaded maida covered for 20 minutes to set.

Put oil in the pan and place it on the gas to heat. With the help of fingers, make a small dough from the kneaded maida and roll it out with a rolling pin, make 5-6 holes with a knife and keep it in a plate, then prepare the other mathris in the same manner. Prepare 5- 6 mathris in this way, and now pour them in oil, fry them on low flame. Till these mathris are roasted then prepare another 6 to 6 mathris. When the mathris become brown in the pan
Take out and place the paper napkin in a plate.

Now put the rolled mathris in oil for the second time and fry it in the same way. When it is boun, take them out and keep them in the plate. Likewise prepare all the mathris.

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