Holi Mawa Gujiya

Material :

To fill in gujiya

Mawa / Khoya - 400 grams
400 grams of sugar
Semolina - 100 grams,
Dry Coconut - 100 grams
Cashew - 100 grams (finely chopped)
Raisins - 50 grams (without stalk)
Ghee - 02 tablespoons
Green cardamom - 08 (peeled)

To prepare Gujhiya flour

Refined flour - 500 grams,
Milk - 50 grams,
Ghee - 125 grams (to be added to the flour)
Ghee  - For frying Gujhiya.

Method of preparation of Gujhiya:

To fill in the Gujhiis, stuffing is to be prepared. For this, take a heavy bottom pan and fry the mawa (khoya) in it till it becomes light brown and take it out in a separate vessel.

After this, put ghee in the pan and add semolina and fry it till it becomes light brown. Once roasted, take out the semolina in a separate vessel. Now mix the mawa (khoya), semolina, sugar and dry fruits well. Now your filling is ready.

Now we have to prepare the dough for making Gujhiya. For this, first melt the ghee. Then add it to the filtered flour and mix it well.

After this, add milk to the flour and after that add enough water and knead a little hard dough. Put the dough in a vessel and cover it with a wet cloth and keep it for half an hour.

Open the dough after half an hour and knead it again with light hands. This is an important part of the part, so do it carefully.

After this, make small dough of flour. These balls do not become dry and hard, so cover them with wet cloth. After this, take one piece of dough and roll it in the shape of puri.

Now lift each Puri and place two big spoons of stuffing in the middle and turn the Puri in the middle and close the ends by turning the ends. If you want, you can also use gujiya mold for this.

After filling all the gujias, heat the ghee in a thick bottom pan. When the ghee is hot, reduce the flame to medium and add as many gujias as you can comfortably and fry it till it turns light brown.

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