Good or Bad Comapany impact in our Life

Important information

  • The impact of good and bad Company in our lives always remains in our lives, even with them being released.

Once there lived a Seth in the village. He was very old. He was very satsangi and always worshiped God. One day, he told his sons, that in my last time, I want to tell you some important things. Seth asked his two sons to bring a piece of coal and sandalwood; the sons took a small coal and sandalwood from the market and reached their father. Seth gave coal to one son and sandalwood to the other, and said, son, throw these down, sons throw both things down and start washing hands, then Seth ji, son tell me your hands Show, when sons showed has hand, So Seth, who had coal in his hand, grabbed his hand and said, saw the hand became black as soon as he caught the coal, but even after throwing it, you still got soot in your hand. The association of wrong people is like this, living with them also hurts and if they are not there, it brings slander for life. On the other hand, the saints are like this sandalwood company, who live together, they get the knowledge of the world and even if they are left with them, the fragrance of their thoughts remains throughout their life. Therefore, always stay in the company of saint Mahatma. So that your life can be valued like the sandal wood.

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