Mangalwar Vrat Katha

Fast Story :

Once upon a time, a Brahmin couple had no children, due to which they were very sad. Once Brahmins went to the forest to worship Hanuman. There he wished a son to Mahavir with worship. His wife also used to fast on Tuesday to get a son at home. At the end of the fast on Tuesday, she used to eat food by offering food to Hanuman.

Once on the day of fasting, the Brahmin was neither able to cook nor could he offer Hanuman ji. She pledged that she would eat Hanuman on Tuesday only after offering it as an offering. She lay hungry thirsty for six days. She fainted on Tuesday. Hanuman ji was pleased to see his loyalty and dedication. He gave a son to Brahmani as a blessing and said that it will serve you a lot.

The Brahmin was very happy to find the child. He named the child Mars. After some time when the Brahmin came home, looking at the child and asked who he was?
The wife said that Hanuman ji has given him this child, pleased with the Tuesday fast. The Brahmin could not believe his wife. One day, seeing the opportunity, the Brahmin dropped the child into the well.

On returning home, the Brahmin asked, "Where is Mars?" Then Mars came back smiling. The Brahmin was surprised to see her back. At night, Hanumanji appeared to him in a dream and told that he had given him this son.

The Brahmin was very happy knowing the truth. After this, the Brahmin couple started fasting Tuesday. The people observing the fast of Tuesday become eligible for the grace and mercy of Lord Hanuman.

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