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Chhath Vrat is a special festival dedicated to Lord Suryadev. In many parts of India, especially in UP and Bihar, it is considered as Mahaparva. This festival celebrated with purity, cleanliness and purity has been celebrated since time immemorial. In Chhath Vrat, the sixth mother is worshiped and they are asked to protect their children.

The Chhath Vrat which is celebrated on the Shashti Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month is described in future Purana as Surya Shashthi. However according to folk beliefs, Surya Sasthi or Chhath Vrat was started from the Ramayana period. This fast was also performed by Draupadi in Dwapara Yuga including Sita Mata.

Chhath Fast Story

According to the legend there was a king named Priyavrat. His wife's name was Malini. But both had no children. The king and his wife were very unhappy with this. One day, with the desire to have children, he performed a sonishti yajna by Maharishi Kashyap. As a result of this yagna, the queen became pregnant.

Nine months later, when the time came to attain child happiness, the queen received a dead son. The king felt very sad when he came to know about this. In child mourning he made up his mind to commit suicide. But as the king tried to commit suicide, a beautiful goddess appeared before him.

The goddess told the king that "I am Shashti Devi". I give people the good fortune of the son. Apart from this, I fulfill all the wishes of the person who worships me with true sentiment. If you worship me, I will give you the son's jewel. ”Impressed by the words of the goddess, the king obeyed her.

The king and his wife worshiped Goddess Sasthi on the day of Kartik Shukla with full rituals. As a result of this worship, he received a beautiful son. Since then, the holy festival of Chhath started being celebrated.

According to another legend in the context of Chhath Vrat, when the Pandavas lost all their royalty in gambling, Draupadi kept Chhath Vrat. Due to the effect of this fast, his wishes were fulfilled and the Pandavas got the Rajpat back.

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