Maha Shivratri Vrat Katha

Mahashivaratri Fast Story :

According to Shiva Mahapuran, there used to be a Nishad king named Sundarsen in the country of Arbud long ago. He once went hunting in the forest with his dogs. Even after toiling for the whole day, he did not find any animals. Suffering from hunger and thirst, he went to a tree on the banks of the reservoir in the night where he saw the Shivling.

To protect his body, Nishad Raj took a tree, but without his knowledge some leaves broke from the tree and fell on the Shivling. He removed those leaves and cleaned the Shivling with water to remove the dust above the Shivling. At the same time, an arrow dropped from his hand near Shivling and fell to the ground. So, while kneeling on the ground, touching the Shivling with one hand, he lifted the arrow. In this way, night-awakening by the king, bathing of Shivling, touch and worship were also done.

At dawn, the Nishad king went to his house and ate his food by eating his wife. When he died at the appropriate time, then the messengers of Yamraj tied him in the loop and took him to Yamlok, then the people of Shivji fought with the Yamdoots and freed Nishad from the loop. In this way, he joined his beloved dogs of Lord Shiva along with his dogs.

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