Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6, Verse 3

ārurukṣhor muner yogaṁ karma kāraṇam uchyate
yogārūḍhasya tasyaiva śhamaḥ kāraṇam uchyate

Meaning - To the soul who is aspiring for perfection in Yog, work without attachment is said to be the means; to the sage who is already elevated in Yog, tranquility in meditation is said to be the means.

Sanskrit word Meaning in English:

ārurukṣhoḥ—a beginner; 
muneḥ—of a sage; 
karma—working without attachment; 
kāraṇam—the cause; 
uchyate—is said; 
yoga ārūḍhasya—of those who are elevated in Yog; 
kāraṇam—the cause; 
uchyate—is said

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