Shani Temple Shinganapur

Shani Mandir is one of the main temples of Hindus. This temple is located in Shinganapur village, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. This place is one of the main pilgrimage sites of Hindus. Shinganapur is 35 km away from Ahmednagar city. Shinganapur village is also known as Lord Shani housing place.

The deity here is "Swayambhu” that is self emerged from earth in form of black, imposing stone. The idol of Lord Shani is 5 feet 9 inches high and 1 foot 6 inches wide. There is no premise of Shan Devi idol. This idol is under an open sky on a square marble. Here there is sunny, octahed flame, sunburn, storm or rain, standing in all seasons without holding a roof.

It is believed that the temple is called ‘Jagat Devasthan’, which means that Lord Shani still lives in this temple. In this temple, the idol of God Shani Devi is unique black in color. There is no true information about the period of this idol. It is believed that it is in existence since the beginning of Kali Yuga. It is believed that the self-appointed Shani statue was found by the local shepherds' shepherds themselves.

The story of Shani Dev's idol is being told generations. Lord Shani Dev appeared in a cowboy's dream. He told the shepherd that he is 'Shanishwar'. He also told that the unique looking black stone idol is his own form. The shepherd prayed and asked God whether he should build a temple for him. For this, God Shani Dev said that there is no need for roof because the whole sky is its roof and he likes to be under the open sky. He asked every Saturday to do daily worship and 'Telabhishek'. They also promised that the whole village would not be afraid of dacoits or thieves or thieves.

Therefore, even today, Lord Shanishawra can be seen in the open yard without any roof. To date, there are no gates for any home, shops. The houses, huts, shops, etc. are located within a kilometer radius of this Lord Shani temple, there are neither doors nor locks. No burglary or theft information was reported until 2010 when theft was reported for the first time and then another person was reported in 2011. Some people who tried to steal Before they could cross the border. In a few minutes of theft, blood vomited and died.

Thousands of pilgrims visit Lord Shanishwar in this Shinganpur village to pray and pray. Thousands of pilgrims visit Lord Shanishwar in this Shinganpur village to pray and visited. 'Shani Thrayodashi' is considered to be a favorite day for the Lord Shani. Similarly Saturday falling on 'Amavasya' is considered to be a favourite day for the Lord Shanaishwara. On that day thousands devotees come to this temple for blessings from Lord Shani.

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