Shri Hanumat Chaatury

Shri Hanumat Chaatury

Janaki's mother said that Hanuman tell one thing son does not burn your tail in the fire and entire Lanka is burnt?

Shri Hanuman ji said that mother! Lanka is gold, and gold burns in fire somewhere?

Then how did it burn? Mother again asked ...?

Hanuman ji said - Mother! There was no ordinary fire in Lanka.  It was ‘Paavak’ ...!

Paavak ....?

Yes mother ....!

Why these puzzles are being extinguished, if you think of the paavak, it is a fire.

Hanuman ji said - no mother! This Paavak was not ordinary fire.

then ..

Jo aparaadh bhagat kar karee |
Ram rosh paavak so jaree ||

This was the fury of Ram ji, which lit the gold of Lanka. Paavak (fire) was form of fury of ram.

Then Janki's mother said - Son! If the fire does not see its alienation, then tell it ... how did your tail escape? If Lanka was burnt then the tail should have been burnt.

Hanuman ji said that mother! Not only the power to burn in that fire, the power to save was also sitting.

Mother said... Who is the power to save?

Hanuman ji kept the head at the feet of Janaki's mother and said, Mother! We know, the Lord had told you. tum paavak mahun karahu nivaasa...  You were sitting in that paavak. So how will my tail burn with the fire in which you are sitting? So the grace of the mother saved me, mother!  You are the save, you are God's grace.

Ajar amar gunanidhi sut hou |
Karahu bahut raghunaayak chhohu ||

(Jai Siyaram)

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