Namaste astu bhagavan - Lord Shiva Mantra

oṃ namaste astu bhagavana
viśrveśrvarāya mahādevāya
tryambakāya tripurāntakāya
kālāgnirudrāya nīlakaṇṭhāya mṛtyuṃjayāya
sarveśrvarāya sadāśivāya
śrīman mahādevāya namaḥ


Oh Lord, salutations to you
Oh Lord of the Universe, Greatest of them all
He who has three eyes, he who gives enlightenment which is beyond three worlds
He who like fire, devours all three times (Past, Present, Future) within himself
Like Time, he who ends everything, Vast like the blue sky, Over-powerer of death
Lord of all Beings, Conscousness which is untouched by the world yet everything in the world is because of him.
Oh great Lord, salutations to you


Oh Lord, may this salutation be unto you who is the Lord of the universe, limitless and effulgent, all-knowing, the one who projects, sustains and takes back this universe, the one who is timeless and also the destroyer of time, all-pervasive, the conqueror of death, the Lord of all, and the ever auspicious one who is always a blessing.

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