Touching Feet is a Tradition in Hinduism

Hinduism is a vast religious ideology in which the important values of morality, religiosity, and dedication to society are held to be the highest. In this religious tradition, some special ideals and beliefs are included, which give instructions to live life according to the society. There is a belief that touching someone's feet is a particularly important moment and should be accompanied by special thoughts and ideals.

Parents' feet:

In Hindu culture, respecting the feet of parents is considered extremely important. Parents are considered like gods and seeking blessings by touching their feet is an important part of religion. In Sanatan Dharma, parents are given the best place and respect, they are called 'Matridevo Bhava' and 'Pitrudevo Bhava', touching their feet is a sign of reverence and dedication for a child and it brings blessings to them. . In Hindu religion, parents are also considered the first guru. In Sanatan Dharma, mother and father are considered equal to gods and it is accepted in Hindu society with feelings of seeking blessings.

Guru's feet:

There is also importance of receiving blessings by touching the feet of the Guru. Guru is the person who imparts light of knowledge, guides in life, and inculcates religious and moral values in the disciple. By touching the feet of the Guru the disciple respects the local leadership and knowledge towards his goal. Due to which the disciple is able to decide what is right and wrong in his life and through the education received from the Guru, he achieves the highest position in his life.

Feet of sages and saints:

Honoring and respecting saints and sages is an integral part of Hindu culture. Sages and saints are given a special place in Hindu religion. Sages and saints are those who leave social life and devote themselves to worshiping God, hence respecting them is considered a symbol of religiosity and tolerance in the society. By touching their feet the seeker supports the local leadership and spiritual vitality in his cause.

Thus, the tradition of touching the feet of elders in Hinduism is an excellent example that encourages submission, respect, and social unity. It is not only a symbol of taking blessings from a person but is also an important factor for the prosperity and harmony of the society.

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