Offer these things on Shivling, which makes Lord Shiva happy and get this benefit...

It is very easy to please Lord Shiva because one of his names is Bhole too. In mythology, demons and deities used to worship Shiva and get the blessings they wanted from Lord Shiva. All beings are equal to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva makes no distinction whether he is a deity or a demon. Lord Shiva Shivling is consecrated with many things which have different significance. What are the benefits of offering some of these things as follows:-

  • Raw Rice - Offering raw rice brings wealth.
  • Sugarcane juice - By offering sugarcane juice, all the droughts will be attained.
  • Ghee - By offering ghee on Shivling, energy is transmitted in the body and power increases.
  • Sandalwood - Offering sandalwood makes the personality attractive and gets respect and respect in the society.
  • Wheat - Offering wheat gives child happiness.
  • Milk - By offering milk, the body will get freedom from diseases, health will be good.
  • Cannabis - By offering cannabis on Shivling, our disorders and evils are removed.
  • Durva Grass - Offering Durva gives the boon of long life.
  • Perfume - By offering perfume on Shiva, purity resides in the mind.
  • Saffron - By offering saffron, married life becomes happy and one gets the desired life partner.
  • Water - By offering water, our nature becomes calm and affectionate.
  • Honey - Offering honey and sugar increases happiness and prosperity in life and poverty goes away and sweetness comes in speech.
  • Curd - Offering curd removes the problems in life.

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