Shiva temples in and around Delhi, major Shiva temples of Delhi NCR

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In Sanatan Dharma, Lord Shiva is the deity of all the deities or it can be said that Lord Shiva is the deity of the deity. Lord Shiva is one of the trinity. Lord Shiva is also known as Mahadev. He is also known by the names Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, Neelkanth, Gangadhar etc. and in the Vedas Lord Shiva is called Rudra. Lord Shiva is also called the God of Destruction.
There are many temples of Lord Shiva in and around Delhi which are named after the major temples of Delhi NCR. There are many temples in which devotees also take a long line to see Lord Shiva.

Most Visited temples of Lord Shiva in Delhi NCR.


Delhi Famous Shiv Temple?

Delhi famous shiv temple are belwo given: 

  • Gauri Shankar Temple - Chandni Chowk
  • Mangal Mahadev Birla Kanan Temple - Rangpuri
  • Nili Chhatri Temple - Nigambodh Ghat
  • Shiv Mandir Gufawala - Preet Vihar
  • Shiva Temple Delhi Gate - Delhi Gate
  • Shri Shiva Shakti Temple - Kilokri Phase-1

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