Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 12

tasya sañjanayan harṣhaṁ kuru-vṛiddhaḥ pitāmahaḥ
siṁha-nādaṁ vinadyochchaiḥ śhaṅkhaṁ dadhmau pratāpavān

Then, the grand old man of the Kuru dynasty, the glorious patriarch Bheeshma, roared like a lion, and blew his conch shell very loudly, giving joy to Duryodhan.

Word by Word Meaning:

tasya - his
sañjanayan - causing
harṣham - joy
kuru-vṛiddhaḥ - the grand old man of the Kuru dynasty (Bheeshma)
pitāmahaḥ - grandfather
sinha-nādam - lion’s roar
vinadya - sounding
uchchaiḥ - very loudly
śhaṅkham - conch shell
dadhmau - blew
pratāpa-vān - the glorious


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