Worship of Hindu Gods

Worshiping two Shivlinga, three Ganesha, two conch, two Sun, two Durga idols, two Gomti Chakras and two Shaligrams in the house leads to unrest.

Shaligram Ji's life does not require dignity. One of Durga, seven of Sun, three of Ganesha, four of Vishnu and half of Shiva should be revolved.

Worshiping God without Tulsi is not considered complete. Tulsi Manjari is considered more than all flowers.

Mangal, Venus, Ravi, Amavasya, Poornima, Dwadashi and Sandhya Tulsi party should not be broken during night and night. While breaking the basil, it is important to keep in mind that it is also necessary to keep the leaves in it.

While offering flowers, keep in mind that its face is upwards.

Flowers should always be offered with the help of right hand ring finger and thumb.

The mounted flower should be removed with the help of thumb and index finger.

Flower buds are prohibited, but this rule is not applicable to lotus flowers.

I love the Vilva Patra to Shiva, Tulsi to Vishnu, the green Durva to Ganesha, the many flowers to Durga and the red Kaner flowers to the Sun.

Evergreen flowers are not offered to Shiva, Dhatura to Vishnu and Akar or Madar flowers are offered to Goddess.

Vishnu should not offer rice, Ganesha to Tulsi, Goddess to Durva, Surya to Wilva Patra.

Red to white and white to blue lotus is very dear to God.

The deities should be smeared with the ring finger in worship.

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