Nothing stops without anyone - Pride

The head of a household is proud that his family cannot work without him.

He had a small shop. The income earned from him was maintained by his family.

Since he was the only one to earn, he felt that nothing could happen without him. He used to brag in front of people.

One day he reached the satsang of a saint. The saint was saying, "Nobody's work in the world will not stop without anybody. This pride is meaningless that without me family or society will stop. Everyone gets according to their destiny."

After the satsang was over, the chief said to the saint, "The money I bring throughout the day is spent on my household." Without me, my family will die of hunger. "

The saint said, "This is your illusion.
Everyone eats their fate. "

To this, the chief said, "Show it by certifying it."

The saint said, "All right. you
Disappear from home for a month without telling anyone.

"He did exactly the same. The saint spread the fact that he has been cooked by the tiger. The family of the chieftain remained bereaved for several days.

The villagers finally came out to help him. A Seth gave his elder boy a job with himself. The villagers got together and married the girl.
A person agreed to pay for the education of the younger son.
A month later, the chief hid and came to his house at night. The house did not open the door as a ghost. When he begged and he told all the things, his wife told the door
Answered from within,

'We don't need you Now we are happier than ever. ”That person's pride was crushed. The world does not stop for anyone !!

Here the work can go on without everyone, the world is always running and will continue. The great emperors, who have promised to run the world, have become soil, the world has gone without them.

Therefore, the pride of your power, of your wealth, of your actions, of your knowledge is in vain.

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