Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a yoga practice and also a method of worshiping the deity of Hindu religion. Twelve types of exercises have been included in Surya Namaskar yoga practice, just like twelve mantras are chanted in Surya Namaskar.

Surya Namaskar in Yoga

Surya Namaskar is the best of the Yogasanas. This practice alone is capable of conveying the benefits of complete yoga exercise to the seeker. By its practice, the body of the seeker becomes healthy and glowing by becoming healthy. Surya Namaskar is said to be useful for women, men, children, young and old people. Our ancestors also used to do Surya Namaskar Yoga and wrestlers etc. also practice it. In today's time, where a person should be healthy, the highest and most famous yoga practice for this is Surya Namaskar.
This yoga practice can be understood through a verse

Om Surya Atmajagatasya Ushascha Adityasya Namaskar ye kurvanti dine.
Longmayurbalam viryam vyadhi shok vishanam surya padodakam teertha jathare dharyamyham.

Meaning : Those who do Surya Namaskar daily, their age, intelligence, strength, semen and luster increase and the tension and grief of the body ends.

Surya Namaskar Mantra

The importance of Surya Namaskar has been told in Hinduism. Water is offered to the Sun God in the early morning so that the person remains healthy and can get the blessings of Lord Surya. Thus twelve mantras are chanted in Surya Namaskar. A different name of the sun is taken in each mantra. Each mantra has only one simple meaning – salutations to the sun. These twelve mantras are chanted in the twelve positions or steps of Surya Namaskar. First of all praying for the sun and finally saying a verse explaining its importance with salutations -

Om dhyeyah sada savitri-mandal-madhyavartee, narayana: sarsijasana-sannivishat.
Keuravan Makarkundalvan Kiriti, Hari Hiranmayavpurdhritasankhachakra:

  • Om mitraay namah
  • Omravaye namah.
  • Omsooryaay namah.
  • Ombhaanave namah.
  • Omkhagaay namah.
  • Ompooshne namah.
  • Omhiranyagarbhaay namah.
  • Ommareechaye namah. (va, mareechine nam: - mareechin yah soory ka ek naam hai) Omaadityaay namah.
  • Omsavitre namah.
  • Omarkaay namah.
  • Ombhaaskaraay namah.
  • Omshreesavitrsooryanaaraayanaay namah.

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