God will support you if your feelings are pure

There was a temple.

Everybody worked on the payroll in it.

Aarti, Worshiper,

The hour player was also on the ledge…

The man playing the bell used to be so engrossed with emotion at the time of Aarti that he did not remain conscious.

The person playing the bell used to do his own work with devotion. All the people who came to the temple, along with God, also saw the emotion of the person playing the bell, that too had a wow ...

One day the trust of the temple changed, and the new trustees issued an order that everyone working in their temple must be educated. Those who are not educated will be removed.

The trustee said to the brother who played that hour, 'Take your salary till today, do not come on your job from now on.

The person playing that hour said, 'Saheb, I may not have read and written, but in this work, my feeling is connected to God, see ...

The trustee said, 'Listen, you are not educated, so you will not be able to keep them ...

On the second day, new people were kept in the temple ... but the people who came in the arti no longer enjoy the same way as before. Everyone missed the bell.

Some people went to the house of the bell-rider, and requested that you come to the temple.

The brother replied, "If I come, the trustee will feel that he has come to take a job so I can't come ..."

People told a solution that 'open a shop for you in front of the temple, you have to sit there and come to play at the time of Aarti, then no one will say you need a job ..'

That brother started a shop in front of the temple, he
It went on to open seven shops from one shop and one factory from seven shops.

Now that man used to come for playing the hour from Mercedes.

Time passed, this thing became old.

The trustee of the temple then changed.

The new trust needed donations to build a new temple.

The new trustee of the temple got the idea first and see the owner of that factory and see ..

The trustee has gone to the owner for seven lakh. Told the factory owner.

The factory owner, without questioning, handed over a blank check to the trustee. And said take the check, the trustee filled the check and gave it back to the factory owner. The factory owner saw the check and gave it to the trustee.

The trustee took the check and said the signature was still there.

The owner said I don't know how to sign,
I give you a thumbs up… ..that will go…

Hearing the trustee was shocked and said, "Sir, you have grown so much despite being illiterate, if you were educated, where would you be ... !!!"

So he laughed and said,

'Brother, if I were educated, I would have just played the bell in the temple'

Summary: Whatever the task, whatever the situation, your situation depends on your feelings. If feelings are pure then God and a beautiful future will be with you. Do the work with full 100 percent love and hard work. Do not blame anyone in the opposite situation, maybe there is something good hiding in it….

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