Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Shlok 21

vedāvināśhinaṁ nityaṁ ya enam ajam avyayam
kathaṁ sa puruṣhaḥ pārtha kaṁ ghātayati hanti kam

O Parth, how can one who knows the soul to be imperishable, eternal, unborn, and immutable kill anyone or cause anyone to kill?

Word by Word Meaning:

veda - knows
avināśhinam - imperishable
nityam - eternal
yaḥ - who
enam - this
ajam - unborn
avyayam - immutable
katham - how
saḥ - that
puruṣhaḥ - person
pārtha - Parth
kam - whom
ghātayati - causes to be killed
hanti - kills
kam - whom


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