Meaning of the word Temple

Meaning of the word Temple

The temple is the place where the peace of mind of a person is found in which there is peace of peace. Where God dwells. That place is a temple, but what exactly is the meaning of the word temple? How was this word formed?

In the word temple, break the pact of 'mana' and 'dar', then mana + dar.

The mind is the mind. Rate means gate.
The gate of the mind means that the place where we open the gate of our mind is the temple.
And if we break the pact of the mind, then M + N.

M means  I
N means No

Where i don't !!

That is, the place where our 'I' means egoist is 'N' is a temple.
It is well known that God is in our mind, so the place where there is only God by staying "I" is a temple.

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About the Meaning of the word Temple

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