The Story of Four Close School Friends

It is an eye-watering tale of four close school friends. Those who have studied up to class XII in the same school.

At that time it was the only luxury hotel in the city.

After class XII examination, he decided that we should go to that hotel and have tea and breakfast.

The four of them had deposited hardly forty rupees, it was a Sunday, and at ten thirty they reached the hotel by bicycle.

Sitaram, Jairam, Ramchandra and Ravisharan started talking while having tea and breakfast.

The four of them unanimously decided that after fifty years we will meet again in this hotel on 1st April.
Till then we all should work very hard, it will be interesting to see how much progress has been made by whom.
The friend who comes to the hotel later that day will have to pay the hotel bill for that time.
Kalu, the waiter who served him tea and snacks, was listening to all this, he said that if I stay here, I will wait for you all in this hotel.

All four separated for further education.
Sitaram left the city and went to his uncle for further studies, Jayaram went to his uncle for further studies, Ramchandra and Ravisharan got admission in different colleges of the city.

Eventually Ramchandra also left the city.
Days, months, years passed.
In fifty years that city underwent a radical change, the population of the city increased, roads, flyovers changed the appearance of the metropolis.
Now that hotel had become a five star hotel, waiter Kalu now became Kalu Seth and became the owner of this hotel.
Fifty years later, at noon on the scheduled date, April 01, a luxury car arrived at the door of the hotel.

Sitaram got out of the car and started walking towards the porch, Sitaram now has three jewelery showrooms.

Sitaram reached the hotel owner Kalu Seth, both of them kept looking at each other.

Kalu Seth said that Ravisharan sir had booked a table for you a month back.

Sitaram was heartily happy that he was the first of the four, so he wouldn't have to pay today's bill, and would make fun of his friends for being the first.

Jairam came in an hour, Jairam had become a big politician and business man of the city.
For his age, he now looked like a senior citizen.

Now both were talking and waiting for other friends, third friend Ramchandra came in half an hour.

On talking to him, both of them came to know that Ramchandra has become a businessman.

The eyes of the three friends kept going to the door again and again, when will Ravisharan come?

After that Kalu Seth said that a message has come from Ravisharan sir, you guys start tea and breakfast, I am coming.

All three were happy to meet each other after fifty years.

The joke went on for hours, but Ravisharan did not come.
Kalu Seth said that again Ravisharan sir's message has come, all three of you start eating after choosing your favorite menu.

Even after having food, Ravisharan did not show up, as soon as he asked for the bill, all three got the answer that the online bill has been paid.
At eight o'clock in the evening, a young man got down from the car and approached the three friends preparing to leave with a heavy heart, all three kept on seeing the man.

The young man started saying, I am your friend's son Yashvardhan, my father's name is Ravisharan.

Dad told me about your arrival today, he was waiting for this day, but he passed away last month due to a serious illness.

They told me to meet late, if I leave early, they will be sad, because my friends will not laugh when they know that I am not in this world, they will lose the joy of meeting each other .

So he ordered me to come late.
He also asked me to hug you on his behalf, Yashvardhan spread both his hands.

The people around were eagerly watching this scene, they thought they had seen this young man somewhere.
Yashvardhan said that my father became a teacher, and made me a collector after teaching, today I am the collector of this city.
Everyone was amazed, Kalu Seth said that now not after fifty years, but every fifty days we will meet again and again in our hotel, and every time there will be a grand party from my side.

Keep meeting your friends and relatives, don't wait for years to meet your loved ones, know when it's time to get separated and we don't even know.

Maybe the same is true of us. We give proof of being alive by sending messages of good morning, good night etc to some of our friends.

 Life is like a train, when it comes to the station, it will get down. Only blurry memories remain.

Be with family, feel the joy of being alive..

Hug not only on the day of Holi or Deepawali, but also on all other occasions and meeting every day, your friendship will grow stronger.

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