The greatest strength is the endurance

The greatest strength is the endurance

A snake wandered from somewhere in the closed shop.

The snake got injured a bit by hitting a saw in the shop. In panic, the snake turned and stung the saw with full force, due to which blood started to flow from his mouth. Now the snake, according to his behavior, clung to the saw and tried to kill it by gripping and suffocating.

Now the snake was badly injured due to his anger.

The next day, when the shopkeeper opened the shop, the snake was found dead wrapped in saws, which had fallen away for some reason and not only due to its trills and anger.

Sometimes in anger we try to harm others but after the passage of time we come to know that we have done more harm to ourselves. Now the essence of this story is that sometimes we should ignore some things, some people, some events, some works and some things in order to have a good life…

Make yourself addicted to ignorance with mental strength. We do not necessarily show a reaction to every action ...

The greatest strength is the endurance ...

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