Pitamah Bhishma Preached this to Yudhishthira during the Mahabharata war

Dharmaraj Yudhishthir was distraught after seeing the destruction in Kurukshetra war. Even Bhishma, lying on the bed of arrows, used to wait for him to give up his life. Finding the right time, Lord Ved Vyas and Shri Krishna inspired Yudhishthira to take instruction on religion and policy from contemporary supreme scholar Bhishma. Taking Krishna along with all his brothers, Yudhishthira went to his Pitamah Bhishma and bowed down to him, and thinking about religion and policy, the question and answer with the description of Bhishma is this Sahasranama Stotra.

In this, Ganesh, Vishvaksen, Vedavyas and Vishnu are first worshipped.

After this, Yudhishthira again has questions:

Kimekam daivatam loke ki vapyekam parayanam.
Stuvant: Kan Kamarchant: Prapnuyurmanava: Shubham ॥


Who is the best deity in all the worlds?
What is the goal of worldly life?
Whose praise and worship brings welfare to human beings?
Which is the best religion?
By chanting whose name does the soul get freedom from the bondage of the world?

In reply to this, Bhishmaji said, "By chanting the Sahasranam of Vishnu, the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of gods, the infinite and supreme being, by unwavering devotion, by praise, by worship, by meditation, by bowing down one gets freedom from the bondage of the world. This is the best religion."

After this, meditation is done on Rishi, Devadi Sankalp and Paramatma.

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