Who was Daityaraja Shankhachud?

According to Shivpuran, there was a very powerful demon named Shankhachud, who was the son of Daityaraja Dambh. Dambh suffered the pain of childlessness for many years. He performed severe penance of Lord Vishnu, pleased with which Lord Vishnu appeared and asked him to ask for a boon. Dambh asked for the boon of an invincible and very powerful son in all three worlds. Lord Vishnu said Tathastu and disappeared. After this, a son was born to Dambh, who was named Shankhachud. Shankhachud demon was Sudama, a friend of Lord Krishna, who was cursed by Radha to be born in a demon's womb.

Penance and boon of Shankhachud

As soon as he became young, Shankhachud performed severe penance of Brahmaji in Pushkar. Pleased with his penance, Brahmaji appeared and asked him to ask for a boon. Shankhachud asked Brahmaji for the boon of being invincible to the gods. Brahmaji said Tathastu and gave him Shri Krishna Kavach. Further, Brahma ordered Shankhachud to marry Tulsi, the daughter of Dharmadhwaj. Following Brahma's command, Shankhachud married Tulsi.

The Terror of Shankhachud

Due to the boons of Brahma and Vishnu, Shankhachud became invincible and established his authority over the three worlds. The gods were troubled by his powers and atrocities and they pleaded to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu himself had given such a boon to Dambh, so he prayed to Lord Shiva for help.

Lord Shiva's Intervention

Lord Shiva, after listening to the prayers of the gods, decided to kill Shankhachud. He fought with Shankhachud, but was unable to kill Shankhachud due to Shri Krishna Kavach and Tulsi's devotion to her husband. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of a Brahmin and took Shankhachud's Shri Krishna Kavach as a donation. After this, Lord Vishnu took the form of Shankhachud and disrobed Tulsi. After this, Lord Shiva killed Shankhachud with his trident and a conch was produced from his bones.

Religious importance of conch

Since Shankhachud was a devotee of Vishnu, Lakshmi and Vishnu are very fond of the water of conch. It is a rule to offer water from conch to all the gods. But Shiva had killed Shankhachud, so offering conch water to Shiva is considered prohibited. This is the reason why conch is not used in the worship of Lord Shiva.

The story of Daityaraj Shankhachud is very important from religious and mythological point of view. From this story it is clear why the use of conch is forbidden in the worship of Lord Shiva and what are the mythological beliefs behind it.

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