Chakra Raj Stotra

Prōktā pañcadaśī vidyā mahātripurasundarī.
Śrīmahāṣōḍaśī prōktā mahāēśvarī sadā.1.

Prōktā śrīdakṣiṇā kālī mahārājñīti san̄jñā.
Lōkē khyātā mahājñī nāmnā dakṣiṇakālikā.
Āgamēṣu mahāśaktiḥ khyātā śrībhuvanēśvarī.2.

Mahāguptā guhyakālī nāmnā śāstrēṣu kīrtitā.
Mahōgratārā ākā mahājñaptēti bhūtalē.3.

Mahānandā kubjikā syāt lōkē̕tra jagadambikā.
Triśaktyādyā̕tra cāmuṇḍā mahāspandā prakīrtitā.4.

Mahāśayā prōktā bālā tripurasundarī.
Śrīcakrarājaḥ samprōktastribhāgēna mahēśvarī.5.

The Chakra Raj Stotra, as described in the Shri Garud Purana, is a sacred hymn dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. Regular recitation of this stotra is believed to have significant benefits. The Sudarshan Chakra, often associated with Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna, is a powerful and divine weapon known for its ability to cut through obstacles and dispel pain, much like how it swiftly deals with evildoers.

In life, we may encounter situations where we lose or miss someone dear to us. In such times, the Chakra Raj Stotra can be a potent remedy. Kartvirajaraja Raja, believed to be an incarnation of Sudarshan Chakra, is said to have the power to resolve such issues through his spiritual practice. The Sudarshan Chakra, symbolizing precision and effectiveness, can guide one in finding lost items or individuals in any direction.

This stotra is not widely known, despite its significance in Hindu mythology. The Sudarshan Chakra, which once functioned as a formidable weapon, is now revered in the hands of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. It had the ability to accomplish its tasks and return to its rightful place.

According to legend, the Chakra Raj Stotra possesses the divine power to locate lost items or individuals, making it especially relevant in Kalyug, the present age of discord and turmoil. By reciting the Chakra Raj Stotra dedicated to Sudarshan Chakra, one can hope to recover lost possessions or find missing individuals.

In Vedic philosophy, the interplay of unity and duality is a fundamental concept. It encompasses duality in various aspects of life, such as body and consciousness, greed and altruism, fate and freedom. Deities like Vishnu and Shiva symbolize the bridging of these dualities in both imagination and society. Vishnu represents moral law, while Shiva embodies Universal Consciousness. The projection of these dualities into the realm of time and change is facilitated by the Goddess, where consciousness (Purusa) and nature (Prakrti) are two sides of the same coin.

The Chakra Raj Stotra is believed to have the power to make the seemingly impossible possible. Regular recitation of this mantra associated with Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra can help individuals achieve their desires and overcome challenges in life.

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