Chatushloki Stotram

Sadā sarvāta bhāvēna bhajanīyō vrajēśvara: .
Kariṣyati sa ēvāsmadaihikaṁ pāralaukikam..1..

An'yāśrayō na kartavya: Sarvathā bādhakastu sa: .
Svakīyē svātmabhāvaśca kartavyaḥ sarvathā sadā..2..

Sadā sarvātmanā kr̥ṣṇa: Sēvya: Kālādidōṣanut.
Tadbhaktēṣu ca nirdōṣabhāvēna sthānamādarāt..3..

Bhagavatyēva satata kāryarataṁ mana: Svayam.
Kālō̕yaṁ kaṣṭō̕pi śrīkr̥ṣṇabhaktānna bādhatē..4..

These four slokas (verses) form the essence of the Bhagavad Purana. Reading and listening to these four verses daily with full faith removes a person's ignorance and ego and leads him to the true attainment of self-knowledge. The person who reads and listens to them becomes free from sins and walks on the true path in his life.

In this stotra Sri Vallabha has explained to Vaishnavas the meaning of the four Purusharthas – Dharma (duty), Artha (material need), Kama (what one wants to achieve) and Moksha (salvation). He has told his Vaishnavas that for a Vaishnava all actions and desires are directed towards only one power, that is Shrinathji.

The stotras are actually the essence of Vedic concepts which can be used by all without any ritualistic restrictions. Difficult mantric procedures and instructions do not apply to the stotras.

According to Vedic scriptures, Mantra Shastra is the originator of the original word (word) and sound (cosmic sound) of everything of God. Therefore, Shabda and Naad are considered as the reflection of Brahman.

Anahata Swara, "unproduced sound, soundless sound", is said to be the primordial sound of the primordial energy of the universe. Due to the inspiration of these sounds, it is said to produce permanent energy in the universe. Therefore, Mantra Yoga says that everything in the natural world, all things, whether living or non-living, is made up of sound. All physical objects are made of sound and every physical object, be it an insect, stone, building, planet or human being, emits its own particular acoustic tone.

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