Chatushloki Bhagwat

Jñānaṁ paramaguhaṁ mē yadvijñānasamanvitam.
Sarahasyaṁ taḍaṅgaṁ ca grahaṇa gaditaṁ māyā..1..

Yāvānahambhāvō yadrūpaguṇakarmaka: .
Tathaiva tattvavijñānamastu tē madanugrahāta..2..

Ahamēvāsamēvāgrē nān'yadyatsadasatparam.
Paścādahaṁ yadētacca yō̕vaśiṣyēta sō̕smyaham..3.

R̥tē̕rthaṁ yatpratīyēta na pratīyēta cātmani.
Tadvidyādātmanō māyāṁ yathā̕bhāsō yathātama:..4..

Yathāmahānti bhūtāni bhūtēṣūccāvacēṣṇu.
Praviṣṭyapraviṣṭāni tēṣu na tēṣvaham..5..

Ētāvadēva jijñāsyaṁ tattvajijñāsunātmana.
Anvayatirēkabhyāṁ yats‍tsarvatra sarvadā..6..

Ētanmataṁ samatiṣṭha paramēṇa samādhinā.
Bhavan kalpavikalpēṣu na vimujjhati kar'hicit..7.

In Hinduism, the sacred syllable "OM" is considered the fundamental essence of all creation in the world. Chatushloki Bhagwat, consisting of four verses, encapsulates the entire teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

Srimad Bhagwat is revered as the embodiment of the divine, and its worship holds great significance. Reading or listening to it grants both enjoyment and the path to liberation, making it an unparalleled means of purifying the mind. Just as a wolf instinctively flees from the roar of a lion, the reading of Bhagwat dispels the imperfections of the current age, known as Kalyug. This act invites the divine presence of Hari into one's heart.

In Chatushloki Bhagwat, Shri Vallabh elucidates the significance of the four Purusharthas: Dharma (duty), Artha (material needs), Kama (desires), and Moksha (salvation) for Vaishnavas. He emphasizes that for a Vaishnav, all actions and desires are ultimately directed towards Shrinathji, their divine focus.

Bhagwat holds a special place in the hearts of the public, and those who engage in reading it often find ample opportunities for employment. Today, countless individuals have become Bhagwat spokespersons, not only earning a livelihood for themselves but also inspiring others to lead meaningful lives. Therefore, by gaining knowledge of Bhagwat and becoming a preacher, one can achieve financial success, honor, and fulfillment.

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