Shri Krishna Stuti

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Patale, Vakshasthale Kaustubham |
Nasagre Varmoktikam Kartale, Venu Kare Kankanam |
Sarvange Hari Chandanam Sulalitam, Kanthe Cha Muktavali |
Gopastree Paraveshtitho Vijayate, Gopala Choodamani ||

Meaning : O Shri Krishna! Your forehead is adorned with sacred symbols of kasturi and the Kaustubh jewel on your chest, your nose decorated with a shining pearl, your fingers holding a flute, your wrists beautifully decorated with beautiful bracelets, Your whole body is smelling of sandalwood paste, as if you have been anointed in a sport, and your neck is decorated with a necklace of pearls, you are the giver of salvation (salvation) to the shepherds who circle around you. Huh; O Lord, your victory - the ornament of the jewels of the cowherds.

Mookm Karoti Vachalam Pangun Langhayate Girim |
Yatkrupa taham vande paramanand madhavam

Meaning : By whose grace, dumbs start speak, lame men climb mountains, I worship that Shri Krishna (Madhav), the supreme bliss.

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