Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5, Verse 07

yoga-yukto viśhuddhātmā vijitātmā jitendriyaḥ
sarva-bhūtātma-bhūtātmā kurvann api na lipyate

Meaning: The karm yogis, who are of purified intellect, and who control the mind and senses, see the Soul of all souls in every living being. Though performing all kinds of actions, they are never entangled.

Word by Word Meaning:

yoga-yuktaḥ—united in consciousness with God;
viśhuddha-ātmā—one with purified intellect;
vijita-ātmā—one who has conquered the mind;
jita-indriyaḥ—having conquered the senses;
sarva-bhūta-ātma-bhūta-ātmā—one who sees the Soul of all souls in every living being;

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