Dhanaulti is a small town which has become famous as a hill station. Dhanauti is located in Uttarakhand state of India. Dhanulti is located near popular hill stations of Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Tehri, Kanatal and Chamba. Dhanuli is the popular hill station of India, 24 kilometers from Mansuri and 31 km from Chamba i.e. this hill station is situated between both hill stations.

Dhanaulti has gradually entered his name in the list of famous hill stations. Because the natural scene, air and peacefull environment here make this hill station the most different. At the time of morning it seems that the Dhanaulti is located above the clouds because the clouds appear below this hill station. It seems that as it is in heaven, it is not just part of the earth.

Dhanulti is located at an altitude of 2286 meters above sea level, and is known for its tranquil atmosphere among the alpine forests of cedar, rhododendron and oak.

In Dhanulati the summer temperature ranges from 30 ° C to 35.5 ° C, while the winter temperature is between 7 ° C and -1 ° C. During winter, there is heavy snowfall in Dhanulti, due to which large number tourists come here. Here warm clothing is worn all year round.

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Location Map of Dhanaulti

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