Vridha Badri Temple

The Vridha Badri temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Vridha temple is situated in Animath village of Uttarakhand, India. This village is 7 km from Joshimath. The Vridha Badri temple is located at an altitude of 1380 meters above sea level. The name of the Virdha Badri temple comes in Sapta Badri Yatra. In the Vridha temple, the statue of Lord Vishnu is established as an old man. Hence the name of this temple is vridha and Badri is a name of God Vishnu.

It is believed that Narad ji did this penance to please Lord Vishnu. Pleased with the penance of Narada, Lord Vishnu appeared as an old man and answered the penance of Narada.

According to legend, the idol of Badrinath was made by the divine craftsman Vishwakarma and was worshiped here. On the arrival of the Kali Yuga, Lord Vishnu allowed himself to be removed from this place, and later Adi Shankaracharya found a partially damaged statue in Narada Kund and installed it in the Main Badrinath temple. According to legend, before his establishment in Badrinath temple, Badrinath worship was done by Adi Shankaracharya. The temple is open all year round.

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