Unveiling the Meticulous Details of Lord Ram's Idol in Ayodhya Ramlala Temple

The Ayodhya Ram Lalla Temple, also known as the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple. The temple is being built at the site where Lord Ram is believed to have been born in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The temple's construction involves the installation of a deity idol of Lord Ram, commonly referred to as "Ramlala" or "Ram Lalla."

The Shyamal (dark complexion) idol of Lord Ram in the Ramlala temple in Ayodhya weighs approximately 200 kg. The statue will be 181 meters (594 ft) wide and 251 meters (823 ft) high including the plinth and canopy. The cost of the statue is estimated to be ₹2,500 crore (equivalent to ₹29 billion or US$370 million). The idol depicts Lord Rama in a standing posture on a lotus base, holding a bow and arrow in his hands. The idol has been designed in Krishna style.

The black stone used for the idol of Lord Rama was brought from the fertile land of Heggadevana Kotte in Mysuru. Made from black stone known as Krishna Shila. The golden bow in his hand is a gift from the Mahavir Temple in Patna.

Since the idol depicts Ramlala in his child form at the age of five, it does not include depictions of Sita or Hanuman. The entire Ram Darbar (House of Lord Ram) is located on the upper floor.

Description of Ramlala idol:

There is an image of Surya Narayana (Sun God) on the top because Lord Rama belonged to the solar dynasty. On the right side of Surya Narayana is the image of Shankha and Chakra, which are usually found in the hands of Lord Vishnu. To the left of Surya is the image of Lord Vishnu's mace. The Swastika symbol is on the left and the Om symbol is on the right, both are ancient symbols of Sanatan Dharma.

Below Surya Narayana, there is a lotus figure, symbolizing the lotus-like feet of Lord Rama. On the bottom right side is an image of Lord Hanuman, and on the left side is an image of Garuda (ride of Lord Vishnu). The sculpture also includes depictions of ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu:

Right side:

  • Matsya Avatar
  • Kurma Avatar
  • varaha avatar
  • Narasimha Avatar
  • Vaman Avatar

on the left side:

  • parshuram avatar
  • Ram Avataar
  • krishna avatar
  • Buddha Avatar
  • Kalki Avatar

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