Power of forgiveness

A seeker gave three lakh rupees to his son-in-law for business. His business settled very well but he did not return the money to his father-in-law. Eventually both got into a fight. The quarrel escalated to such an extent that both of them stopped visiting each other at all. The internal relationship between hatred and malice became very deep. Sadhaks all the time started criticizing, humiliating and criticizing their son-in-law in front of every relative. His meditation started to falter. Even at the time of worshiping Bhajan, he started thinking of his son-in-law. The effect of mental agony started on the body too. Uneasiness increased. Couldn't find solution. Eventually he went to a saint and narrated his woes.

Sant Shri said: 'Son! you do not worry. By the grace of God everything will be fine. You go to the son-in-law's place with some fruits and sweets and only say this to him, son! I have made all the mistake, forgive me.'

The seeker said: "Maharaj! I have helped him and I should also ask for forgiveness!"

Sant Shree replied: "There can be no conflict in the family in which both the sides are not at fault. Even if one side's mistake is one percent, the other side's ninety-nine percent, but the mistake will be from both the sides."

Nothing could be understood by the seeker. He said: "Sir! What did I miss?"

"Son! You thought your son-in-law to be bad in your mind - this is your mistake. You condemned, criticized and despised him - this is your second mistake. Looked at his faults with angry eyes - this is your third mistake. Heard his condemnation from him - this is your fourth mistake. You have anger and hatred towards the son-in-law in your heart - this is your last mistake. You have hurt your son-in-law with these mistakes. May your sorrow be manifold returned to you. Go, ask for forgiveness for your mistakes. Otherwise you will neither be able to live peacefully nor die in peace. Asking for forgiveness is a great practice."

The eyes of the seeker opened. After saluting the saint, he reached the son-in-law's house. Everyone was preparing for the meal. He knocked on the door. His friend opened the door. Seeing Nana ji in front, he was speechless and started shouting loudly with joy: "Mummy! Papa!! Look, Nana ji has come, Nana ji has come...."

The parents looked at the door. Thought, 'Are we not dreaming?' The daughter burst out with joy, 'Aha! Father has come today after fifteen years.' Her throat was blocked with love, she could not say anything. The seeker placed fruits and sweets on the table and with folded hands said to the son-in-law: "Son! I have made all the mistake, forgive me."

As soon as the word "sorry" came out, the love of his heart started flowing like tears. The son-in-law fell at his feet and wept for his mistake apologizing. The loving tears of father-in-law started falling on son-in-law's back and son-in-law's repentant and loving tears started falling at father-in-law's feet. The father began to apologize to the daughter and the daughter to her aged father. A bottomless ocean of forgiveness and love broke out. All quiet, quiet! Tears started flowing incessantly in everyone's eyes. The son-in-law got up and brought the money and placed it in front of the father-in-law. The father-in-law started saying: "Son! Today I have not come to collect these shells. I have come to clear my mistake, to make my spiritual practice alive and to destroy hatred and to shed the Ganges of love.
My arrival was successful, my sorrow vanished. Now I feel bliss."

The son-in-law said: "Father! My heart will not go away until you take this money. Please take this money."

Sadhak took money from son-in-law and distributed it among daughters and grandchildren as per his wish. Everyone sat in the car, reached home. Fifteen years later, at that midnight when mother-daughter, brother-sister, sister-in-law and children met, it seemed as if only love had reached there by assuming a body. The whole family was reveling in the bottomless ocean of love. After asking for forgiveness, the sadhak's sorrow, worry, stress, fear, despair like mental diseases were eradicated from the root and the sadhna became alive.

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