Kali Panch Baan Stotra

Prathama Baan

'om namaḥ kālī kaṅkālī mahākālī
mukhasvarūpa ji'ē bĕlī
cāra vīra bhairōṁ caurāsī
bītō pujū pāna ai miṭhā'ī
aba bōlō kālī kī duhā'ī.

Dvitīya Baan

'om kālī kaṅkālī mahākālī
mukha sundara ji'ē jvālā vīra vīra
bhairū caurāsī sāṅgatō pujū
pāna miṭhā'ī.

Tr̥tīya Baan

'om kālī kaṅkālī mahākālī
sakala sundarī jīhā bahālō
cāra vīra bhairava caurāsī
tadā tō pujū pāna miṭhā'ī
aba bōlō kālī kī duhā'ī.

Caturtha Baan

'om kālī kaṅkālī mahākālī
sarva sundarī ji'ē bahālī
cāra vīra bhairū caurāsī
taṇa tō pujū pāna miṭhā'ī
aba rāja bōlō
kālī kī duhā'ī.

Pan̄cama Baan

'om namaḥ kālī kaṅkālī mahākālī
makha sundara ji'ē kālī
cāra vīra bhairū caurāsī
taba rāja tō pujū pāna miṭhā'ī
aba bōlō kālī kī dōhā'ī.

|| Iti śrī kālī-pan̄cama samāptaṁ ||

The Kali Panch Baan Stotra is a sacred prayer dedicated to Goddess Kali, one of the fierce forms of the Divine Mother in Hinduism. This stotra is recited by devotees to invoke the blessings and protection of Goddess Kali. It is believed to have the power to dispel negativity, eliminate obstacles, and provide strength and courage to face life's challenges.

The word "Panch" in the name refers to the number five, and "Baan" means elixir. This stotra comprises five verses, often referred to as "elixir," each of which praises and invokes the various aspects of Goddess Kali, such as her ferocity, compassion, and divine energy.

Devotees recite the Kali Panch Baan Stotra with devotion and faith, seeking the goddess's grace in times of difficulty and as a means to connect with her powerful and transformative energy. It is a beautiful expression of devotion and surrender to the fierce yet compassionate Mother Goddess, Kali.

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