Significance, Festivals and Fasting of Paush month 2024

Important information

  • Paush Month 2023-24
  • Paush Month Start : Wednesday, 27 December 2023
  • Paush Month End : Thursday, 25 January 2024

Paush is the name of a month in Hinduism, which is called Paush month in the lunar Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu religion Vikram Sawant, there are 10 months. The months of December and January are in the Gregorian calendar.

Paush month is starting from Wednesday, 27 December 2023 and ending on Thursday, 25 January 2024. According to the Hindu calendar, each month has its own importance, thus Paush month also has its importance. The importance of worshiping the Sun is given in the month of Paush. Thus, each month is considered special for some deity.

The month of Paush is the tenth month in Vikram Samvat. The names of the Hindu months are based on the constellations. In Hinduism, the change of month depends on the lunar cycle, the constellation on which the moon is located, that month is named on the basis of that constellation. Moon stays in Pushya Nakshatra on the full moon of Paush month, hence this month is called Paush month.

Sun god worship in Paush month

According to the belief of mythological texts, in the month of Paush, Sun God should be worshiped by his god name. Surya, the god of the month of Paush, is considered to be the form of God. In the month of Paush, the special importance of offering Ardhya to the Sun and keeping it fast is considered. It is believed that by observing fast and fasting every Sunday in this month and offering sesame rice khichdi, a person becomes brilliant.

Festivals and fasts of Paush month

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