Bhagavad Gita Chapter 1, Shlok 34

āchāryāḥ pitaraḥ putrās tathaiva cha pitāmahāḥ
mātulāḥ śhvaśhurāḥ pautrāḥ śhyālāḥ sambandhinas tathā

Teachers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, maternal uncles, grandsons, fathers-in-law, grand-nephews, brothers-in-law, and other kinsmen are present here, staking their lives and riches. 

Word by Word Meaning:

āchāryāḥ - teachers
pitaraḥ - fathers
putrāḥ - sons
tathā - as well
eva - indeed
cha - also
pitāmahāḥ - grandfathers
mātulāḥ - maternal uncles
śhvaśhurāḥ - fathers-in-law
pautrāḥ - grandsons
śhyālāḥ - brothers-in-law
sambandhinaḥ - kinsmen

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