Importance of Swastika Symbol in Hinduism

Swastika is considered a symbol of auspiciousness in Hinduism. Swastik symbol is made in Hindu religion to do any auspicious work. The swastika symbol can be seen outside their homes and in temples for the followers of Hinduism.

Swastika is considered a symbol of general auspiciousness. The swastika may represent purity, truth, and stability of the soul, alternatively the Sun. The swastika symbol has been used since ancient times. It is believed that the symbol of Swastika is the symbol of Lord Ganesha.

Description of the Swastika Symbol

Brahma in the middle of the Swastika, the four arms coming out of the middle are called Dharma, Moksha, Artha and Kama. The straight line after the bend of the arms is called Sarupya, Salokya, Samipya and Sayujya. The ends of the arms of the Swastika symbol are called ego, mind, chitta and intellect. The empty space of the arms of the swastika is called Surrender, Love, Faith and Reverence.

  • The following four types of Purushathas – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
  • There are four types of liberation – Sarupya, Salokya, Samipya and Sayujya.
  • There are four types of inner being – ego, mind, chitta and intellect.
  • There are four types of Bhakti – Surrender, Love, Faith and Reverence.

The Swastika symbol has been described in many ways in Hinduism. As the four arms of the Swastika - describes the four directions, the four Vedas and their harmonious whole.

Religious Significance of Swastika Symbol

In Hinduism, the swastika symbol is considered to be the symbol of Ganapati. Lord Ganesha who removes all obstacles, gives the boon of happiness and prosperity. In Hinduism, the Swastika symbol is used to complete any work smoothly and get success in it. Apart from Hinduism, the Swastika has special significance in Jainism and Buddhism as well. In both these religions also, the Swastika symbol is specially used for the wish of Mars.

Simple and effective Remedies for Swastika

  • It is believed that by making a swastika sign with vermilion or roli on the main door of a house, no negative energy enters that house and happiness and prosperity always remains on the family living in the house.
  • The swastika symbol is also specially used to get success in career or business. It is believed that if you want to get success in a particular work, then you should make a swastika sign with turmeric in the north direction of your house and keep showing incense-lamp there every day.
  • To get profit in business, make a mark with dry turmeric in the north-east direction for seven consecutive Thursdays. It is believed that this remedy miraculously removes the losses in business and increases the wealth.

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