Vanshawali of Lord Shri Ram and We should know the ancestors of Lord Ram and the descendants after him

Lord Shri Ram is worshiped as an ideal man in the human race. Lord Rama was born in Suryavansh. Lord Rama was an incarnation of Vishnu and took birth on earth in the third phase of Treta Yuga. Lord Vishnu was born as the son of King Dasaratha, who is Sri Rama. Ravana was born in the middle period of Satyuga. Today Lord Rama is worshiped all over the world. That's why we should know the ancestors of Lord Rama and the descendants after him. Everyone knows the names of Lord Ram's brother and his sons. Shri Ram had four brothers - Ram, Bharat, Lakshman, Shutraghan. Shri Ram had two sons - Luv and Kush. Bharat also had two sons - Taksh and Pushkar. The sons of Lakshmana were Chitrangada and Chandraketu and the sons of Shatrughna were Subahu and Shurasena.

Shri Ram wanted his brother Bharat to be the coronation of Vanprastha but Bharat did not agree. Shri Ram handed over South Kosala, Kushasthali (Kushavati) and Ayodhya kingdom to Kush and gave Punjab to Luv. Shri Ramputra Lav made Lahore his capital. Bharata's son Taksha was then enthroned in today's Takshashila and Pushkar was enthroned in Pushkaravati (Peshawar). In Himachal, Lakshman's sons Angad ruled Angadpur and Chandraketu ruled Chandravati. Shatrughna's son Subahu and another son Shatrughati ruled in Bhelsa (Vidisha) in Mathura.

Even during the time of Rama, the kingdom of Kosala was divided into Uttara Kosala and South Kosala. According to Raghuvansh of Kalidas, Rama had given the kingdom of Sharavati to his son Luv and Kushavati to Kush. If Sharavati is considered as Shravasti, then definitely the kingdom of Lav was in North India and the kingdom of Kush was in South Kosala. Kushavati, the capital of Kush, was in today's Bilaspur district. Kosala is believed to be the birthplace of Rama's mother Kaushalya. According to Raghuvansh, Kush had to cross Vindhyachal to go to Ayodhya, this also proves that his kingdom was in Dakshin Kosala only.

Raghav Rajputs were born from Raja Lava, in which the descendants of Badgujars, Jayas and Sikarwars started. Its second branch was the Sisodiya Rajput dynasty, in which Baichla (Baisla) and Gehlot (Guhil) dynasty became kings. The dynasty of Kushwaha Rajputs started from Kush.
According to historical facts, Luv founded the city of Luvpuri, which is the present-day city of Lahore in Pakistan. A temple of love is also built in a fort here. Lavpuri later came to be known as Lohapuri. The Southeast Asian country of Laos, and the Thai city of Lobpuri, both have places named after him.

Vanshawali of Lord Shri Ram

Brahmaji - Marichi - Kashyap - Vivasvan - Manu - Ikshvak - Kukshi - Vikukshi - Baana - Anaranya - Prithu - Trishanku - Dhanudhumar - Yuvanashwa - Mandhata - Susandhi - Bharata - Asita - Sagara - Asmanja - Anshuman - Dilip - Bhagirath - Kakutstha - Raghu ( Due to Raghu being a very bright and mighty king, this dynasty was named Raghuvansh after him, since then Shriram's clan is also called Raghukul. Prashushruk - Maru - Nabhag - Aj - Dashrath - Ram. Thus Shri Ram was born in the 39th generation of Brahma.

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