Asur Raj Jalandhar who was 'Shivansh'

Jalandhara, also known as Chalantarana, is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology, depicted as an asura or demon. His name, Jalandhara, translates to "he who holds water," while Chalantarana means "he who walks and swims." 

According to legend,  As Indra and Brihaspati journeyed towards Mount Kailasha to meet Shiva, their path was obstructed by a yogi with matted hair and a glowing countenance. Unbeknownst to them, the yogi was none other than Shiva himself, assuming this guise to test their wisdom. Indra, unable to recognize Shiva, grew increasingly agitated by the yogi's refusal to yield the way. Despite Indra's demands, the yogi remained unmoved. Infuriated, Indra brandished his thunderbolt, only to find his arm paralyzed and his weapon nullified by Shiva's power. Enraged by Indra's aggression, Shiva's eyes blazed red, instilling fear in the god of thunder. In his wrath, Shiva's third eye opened, threatening Indra's life. Recognizing Shiva's divine presence, Gods Guru Brihaspati interceded and beseeched forgiveness for Indra. To spare Indra's life, Shiva redirected the fire from his eye into the ocean, where it transformed into a boy. The distraught cries of the boy drew Brahma's attention, prompting him to inquire about his origin from the ocean. Brahma revealed that the boy would grow up to be an asura emperor, destined to be slain only by Shiva and return to his third eye upon death.

Jalandhara's childhood

Jalandhar's upbringing was full of miracles. Devindra considered Jalandhar to be his biggest threat and tried to kill him in his childhood, but Jalandhar's mother died at the hands of Indra, due to which Jalandhar's mind was filled with hatred towards the gods. As he grew up, Jalandhar became an influential and powerful young man and was anointed as the emperor of the demons by Guru Shukracharya. Famous for his extraordinary power, Jalandhar was considered one of the most powerful demons of all time. He married Vrinda, daughter of Asura Kalanemi and ruled with fairness and honour. Vrinda who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. It was difficult to kill Jalandhar because of Vrinda's patriotism.

One day, sage Bhargava (Venus) visited Jalandhar and narrated stories of ancient lore including the exploits of Hiranyakashipu and Virochana. He also narrated how Vishnu had beheaded Rahu during the churning of the ocean. These stories fueled Jalandhar's belief that the gods had fraudulently confiscated the treasures of his father Varuna. In response, he sent his messenger Ghasmara to Indra and demanded the return of his father's treasure. However, Indra refused, leading to a fierce war between the gods and the asuras.

Many warriors from both sides were killed, but Shukra used his knowledge of Amritjeevani to revive the fallen Asuras. Brihaspati used medicinal herbs from Mount Drona to revive the dead gods. To thwart this, Shukra advised Jalandhar to uproot the mountain, thereby preventing Brihaspati from reaching the herbs. Following his advice, Jalandhar threw Mount Drona into the sea.

The gods succumbed to the demons and Jalandhar became the ruler of the three worlds, heaven, earth and underworld. He seized the gems accumulated by the gods and Gandharvas during the Samudra Manthan and ruled with benevolence, ensuring the well-being of all in his realm.

Vrinda's Chastity Violated by Lord Vishnu

Vishnu showed Vrinda a dream that Jalandhar had been killed by Shiva. Vrinda became worried by this dream and decided to perform a puja. After completion of this puja, Jalandhar could not be killed. Therefore, Lord Vishnu took the guise of Jalandhar and violated Vrinda's chastity. She recognized that it was Vishnu in disguise, and Vrinda cursed Lord Vishnu that someday someone would betray his wife too (which turns out to be true when Sita is kidnapped by Ravana) just like He had betrayed her. Saying this she entered the fire to commit suicide. After his death, his soul emerged from the funeral pyre and joined Parvati.

Jalandhar's war with Lord Shiva

Jalandhar became angry after hearing about this betrayal and death of his wife. Jalandhar wanted to fight Lord Shiva. Therefore Jalandhar meditated on the weakness of Lord Shiva. Jalandhar felt that if Mother Parvati was separated from Lord Shiva, then the power of Lord Shiva would reduce. Jalandhar knew that Lord Shiva alone could not end it. Mother Parvati was amnesiac, hence Jalandhar had kidnapped Mother Parvati.

As the war was certain, Jalandhar first proceeded towards Kailash. But when he learned that Shiva had abandoned it and had taken up his position on a mountain near Maan Sarovar, Jalandhar surrounded the mountain with his troops. Nandi marched against them and spread destruction, however, the army of the gods suffered many losses. Kartikeya came to fight them, but was defeated. After his defeat, Ganesha tried to attack him, but he was badly defeated by him and fell unconscious on the battlefield.

There was a fierce battle between the seeds of Mahadav and Jalandhar, due to which Mother Parvati was unconscious, Mahadav could not kill Jalandhar. Meanwhile, the memory of Mother Parvati came back due to which Shiva and Shakti became one. Sir killed Jalandhar. After his death, his soul merged with Shiva, just as Vrinda's soul merged with his wife.

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