Gayatri Mandir Mathura

Important information

  • Location: Mathura - Vrindavan Marg, Jaisingh Pura, Masani, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281003.
  • Timings Open and Close : 05: am to 12:00 and 04:00 pm to 09:00 pm.
  • Did you know: This temple is the first Gayatri temple in the world.

Gayatri Temple is a Hindu temple located in Mathura in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This temple is completely dedicated to Gayatri Mata. This temple is the first Gayatri temple in the world. This temple is located on the Mathura Vrindavan Marg.

The Gayatri Temple was built and established in the year 1953 by Sannyasi Shri Vedamurthy Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya. At the same place at the time of the establishment of the temple, many devotees chanted 24 lakh Gayatri Mantra, recitation of 1.25 lakh Gayatri Chalisa, Yajurveda, Geeta, recitation of Ramayana, Gayatri Sahastranam, Gayatri Kavach, recitation of Durga Saptashati, chanting of Mahamrityujay Mantra etc. did great things. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya Ji fasted for 24 consecutive days from 30 May 1953 to 22 June 1953, consuming only holy Ganges water.

The temple has a Yag Shala, which has an Akhand Jyoti by a Siddha Yogi of the Himalayas, seven hundred and fifty years old, who has been enlightened since 1953.

24 crore Gayatri Mantras are written in this temple with water and hands of 2400 pilgrimage sites in India. The temple has a Yuga Nirman Vidyalaya which has been active since 1966 which give self-reliant education. This school also has accommodation for children, who provide one year training to the students who pass 10th standard in this school.

The temple also operates a charity hospital, which uses Ayurveda, homeopathy, allopathy, paediatrics, ophthalmology and eye surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy, yoga and naturopathy. Maan Bhagwati Gaushala is being operated for cow protection in the temple.

All the festivals are celebrated in the temple. The atmosphere of the temple is very beautiful which gives peace to any person.


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